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Circular Frames

Complex trauma, or complex conditions, can sometimes require circular frames to stay on for several months until the fracture has healed. Dr Graff is one of few surgeons in Adelaide who has trained in this surgery.


Although Dr Graff’s private practice is largely with children, Dr Graff also works at the Royal Adelaide Hospital operating on adult patients with fractures and traumatic injuries. She is also involved in training the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons and doctors.

Post Trauma Complications

Although modern medicine has significantly advanced over the past few decades, it can still be difficult to treat certain types of fractures. This can leave patients with deformity and pain that makes it difficult to function from day to day. Dr Graff has treated many patients with postoperative complications such as limb deformity, leg length discrepancy, bone infection and non union (fractures that do not heal).

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